2022 Bintelli Florence Step Through Electric

"Effortless Electric Ride with Stylish Step-Through Design"


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Stock #: 1070BT

Experience the future of urban transportation with the 2022 Bintelli Florence Step Through Electric. This sleek and stylish electric bike is perfect for navigating city streets, offering a convenient and eco-friendly way to get around town. With its pristine white exterior, this Florence model exudes elegance and sophistication, turning heads wherever you go.

Powered by an efficient electric motor, the Bintelli Florence Step Through Electric provides a smooth and quiet ride that's both enjoyable and environmentally conscious. Say goodbye to expensive gas prices and hello to cost-effective commuting as you effortlessly glide through traffic on this emission-free bike. Whether you're running errands or simply exploring your surroundings, the Florence offers exceptional maneuverability thanks to its step-through design.

Equipped with modern features such as LED lighting, a digital display panel, this electric bike combines style with practicality. The comfortable seating ensures a relaxed journey every time while maintaining an elegant aesthetic that complements any rider's taste.

Don't miss out on owning one of the most innovative bikes on the market today! Visit our dealership now to test drive the 2022 Bintelli Florence Step Through Electric and experience firsthand how it can transform your daily commute into an exciting adventure. Upgrade your ride today - contact us for more information!


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