2022 Cruise Car eMoke

PRICE DROP FROM $28,988 TO $27,488


54 Miles
Stock #: 3122UM
  Fuel Type   Electric
  Interior   White
  Exterior   White

Experience the future of urban transportation with the 2022 Cruise Car eMoke. This electric vehicle combines retro charm with modern technology, making it a stylish and eco-friendly choice for city dwellers. With its pristine white exterior and matching interior, this eMoke is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Powered by an efficient electric motor, the Cruise Car eMoke offers a smooth and quiet ride that will make your daily commute or weekend adventures more enjoyable than ever before. Say goodbye to expensive gas bills and hello to zero emissions as you effortlessly navigate through crowded streets in style. Whether you're running errands or exploring new neighborhoods, this eMoke is ready to take on any urban challenge.

Equipped with all the essentials for a comfortable drive, this 2022 Cruise Car eMoke comes loaded with features designed to enhance your driving experience. From its spacious cabin that can comfortably seat four passengers to its advanced safety systems that provide peace of mind on every journey, no detail has been overlooked.

Don't miss out on owning one of the most unique vehicles on the road today. Visit our dealership and test drive the 2022 Cruise Car eMoke today! Experience firsthand how this electric gem combines classic design with cutting-edge technology while reducing your carbon footprint. Embrace a greener future without compromising style - get behind the wheel of an eMoke now!


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